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A Message from Oklahoma City Hood Cleaning – Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners: There are standards that every commercial kitchen must abide by. Some of them pertain to safe food preparation, while others are aimed at keeping your equipment clean and running safely.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that knows the value of not meeting but exceeding those standards, give us a call!

We Specialize In Hood Cleaning.

We specialize in restaurant vent cleaning for all types of businesses, including restaurants, schools, adult care facilities, hospitals, hotels, event centers, and more!

Keep Your OKC Restaurant Kitchen In Tip-Top Shape!

Your commercial kitchen exhaust system must function properly in order to keep the air flowing through the room and to remove all the smelly, dangerous particles that are released into the air when you cook. Your kitchen duct is the initial component of the exhaust system that filters out the grease, smoke, and other debris from your commercial kitchen, so it’s important to start there when cleaning the exhaust system.

We Clean Everything From Cook-Top To Roof-Top!

Oklahoma City restaurant cleaning can handle your entire exhaust system, from the canopy to the exhaust fan and everything in between! We have expert technicians who can clean your commercial cooking equipment in order to meet the NFPA’s requirements, and they’ll also be able to offer you and your employees benefits that will increase the health, safety, and comfort of everyone who works in your commercial kitchen!

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning At Its Best.

When we set out to be the city’s best commercial kitchen cleaning company, the first thing we had to do was make sure that we offered comprehensive services for all cooking establishments. Whether a business needs monthly or yearly hood cleaning services, we want to be the company they call! By offering a full line of cleaning services, we’re able to give our customers what they need and what they want!

Commercial Hood Cleaning
Our commercial Kitchen cleaning service is second to none. We can achieve a bare metal clean even if
you’ve been told that it’s not possible by another company. Our top-of-the-line equipment is specially
designed to remove tough grease, oil, soot, and dirt particles. When we’re finished with your
commercial vent work, it will look like brand new again!

Exhaust System Cleaning
The exhaust system of your commercial kitchen includes everything from the highly visible hoods to the
hard-to-reach (and clean) ducts and exhaust fan. It’s important that your professional kitchen cleaners
get to every part of your commercial exhaust system. Therefore, you need to choose a company that has industry-leading knowledge of how to do that, plus the equipment that it takes to clean all the intricate parts that make up your kitchen exhaust system. 

Access Panel 

You’re required to have access panels in your kitchen exhaust system. These panels make it easier for your kitchen cleaning company to reach every part of the duct-work, so it should be important to you personally to have the appropriate amount of access panels. We can advise you of the correct distance between access panels for your system, and our team can professionally install as many as you need.

See the Difference for Yourself!
Choosing our Cleaning Company is the best decision you can make for your commercial kitchen. We provide all of the following benefits, and we’ll never ask our valued customers to choose between them!

Our Prices Beat All Other Restaurant Hood Cleaners!

Our prices are competitive with other commercial kitchen cleaning companies, but we offer many little extras, and we always go above and beyond to give our customers more than they can get anywhere else, making us the best value in the area!

Undeniable Health Benefits
Removing the grease, smoke, and dust from your commercial kitchen is a huge step in the right direction if you want to keep your employees healthy. You can reduce the number of allergens and potentially toxic particles in your kitchen with routine kitchen exhaust system cleaning from a professionally certified company.

Commercial Kitchen Safety
Built-up grease in the hood and ducts will feed a fire quicker than you can extinguish it, so stay on top of your commercial kitchen cleaning in order to prevent kitchen fires. That’s why the NFPA and local fire agencies are so strict about hood cleaning regulations. Reduce the risk of fires in your commercial kitchen with regular hood cleaning services from Oklahoma City Hood Cleaners today!

Restaurant Equipment Efficiency
All of your kitchen equipment can be affected by grease and soot buildup. This includes small equipment like blenders, mixers, and microwaves, but it also affects your fryers, ovens and stoves. Grease buildup can even affect the efficiency of your HVAC system and the exhaust system itself. When you have your commercial kitchen cleaned regularly, you won’t have to worry about decreased efficiency from any of these systems and equipment.

The Latest Practices, Equipment, and Knowledge in the Hood Cleaning Industry
Oklahoma City Hood Cleaning stays in the know about changes and improvements in the ventilation cleaning industry. We have highly experienced experts on hand to answer your questions, give you feedback about your system, and apply our up-to-the-minute knowledge to your commercial kitchen cleaning job. It takes an effort to keep moving forward rather than just getting comfortable with the same old standard of service, but it’s worth it for our customers’ ultimate satisfaction and one of the many things that set us apart!

We Offer A Full Range Of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Services In Oklahoma City.

As you have already seen, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for your commercial kitchen. We are committed to being the only professional cleaner Oklahoma City restaurants need. Offering specialized cleaning services that focus on individual parts of your kitchen exhaust system will allow you to customize your services and get the most thorough clean possible!

Your Commercial Kitchen Deserves the BEST!
When it comes to the best hood cleaning services in OKC and beyond, you don’t need to look any further than the best kitchen exhaust cleaning company! We’re the most professional, the fastest, the most reliable team for commercial hood and duct cleaning! We’ve carefully selected an experienced staff and trained them in our superior customer service standards so that every customer gets the same unmatched level of service, no matter how simple or
complex their needs may be.

Work With A Kitchen Hood Company That Builds Relationships!

Don’t waste another minute choosing from one-and-done companies. We want to form a long-lasting partnership with you in order to give your commercial kitchen the perpetual care it needs. No one will spend more time ensuring that your system is up to date on professional cleanings and working at maximum capacity.

Your Commercial Kitchen Safety Matters!

Your commercial kitchen shouldn’t be left to the hands of an unprofessional cleaning company that isn’t willing to become invested in your growing business. Call for the most dependable commercial kitchen cleaning services in the area!

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    Most Trusted Hood Cleaning Service In Oklahoma City

    Hood Cleaning

    Your Kitchen Hoods need to be cleaned at least every quarter, to not only make your chef happy, but your city codes as well! Call Now and get a quote!

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Keeping a free flowing kitchen exhaust system is crucial to your kitchens safety in Oklahoma City. Help keep our city safe!

    Access Panel Installation

    Many hoods are unable to be cleaned properly due to limited access. No worries. We will install a professional looking access panel in your kitchen exhaust!

    Exhaust Fan Cleaning

    Your exhaust fan must be clean and functioning to provide your kitchen exhaust with flow. Over time this fan becomes weighted down with residue, and its time for a cleaning!

    Hood Filter Cleaning

    Your kitchen exhaust hood filters tend to build up grease and smoke residue over time, and look unsightly and do not perform well. Let us clean your filters thoroughly!

    Full Kitchen Cleaning

    Time for spring cleaning? Renew your kitchen with a thorough deep cleaning! Your employees will love you for it! Keeping a clean environment at work will boost company moral.

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