Grease Trap Cleaning Oklahoma City – Important For Your Restaurants Health & Plumbing!

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Part of a commercial kitchens grease management system is plumbing device called a grease trap. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds. This is where Grease Trap Cleaning Oklahoma City comes in.

To keep a commercial restaurant kitchen running smoothly, all sorts of grease containment systems are put in place to keep it sanitary and free of hazards.

There are several different types of grease traps that are used in a kitchen. No matter what kind of grease trap is used in your commercial kitchen business needs to be pumped out or cleaned from time to time.

Grease Trap Cleaning Oklahoma City Cleaners are trained to get to these hard to reach places and pump or clean them out. Not only do we pump it out but we dispose of the waste as it needs to be.

Certain types of grease traps control brown grease while others help to break down more oil grease such as oils used for frying.

A common grease trap method that is used in restaurants called an interceptor is located in an inground tank. Grease and oils that enter into this type of waste system, sink to the bottom of the tank and begin to break down. While the water is pushed out as more wastewater enters this large inground tank.

For this grease containment method to be successful, it must be pumped out so the grease doesn’t build up and start clogging the system.

Oklahoma City Hood Cleaners offers grease trap containment cleaning along with our many other commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Make sure your grease traps are being maintained and taken care of before it becomes clogged or starts to overflow. It is easier to keep these systems maintained than it is to clean up or flush away a clogged system. Call Oklahoma City Hood Cleaners today and get an estimate to clean out your grease interceptor.

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