What is an exhaust fan and why is in a restaurant kitchen?

How does it work and what uses does it provide?

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Exhaust fans are crucial to keeping a commercial kitchen filled with clean air and to help draw out the bad toxic air. This help keeps a kitchen cleaner and free of disease and germs.

Grease build-up is a common thing in kitchens around the globe. Not only is grease a health hazard, but it is a safety hazard as well. With grease building up in your commercial kitchen you are liable to have a fire in your restaurant. This can be avoided by having proper exhaust fans installed.

Having exhaust fans installed is part of having a hood over where you are cooking.

It only makes sense to have exhaust fans in places where grease is used the most. Grease is used lots in different types of food whether it is to cook with or fry food with.

Without proper and professional maintenance, exhaust fans can wear out or become clogged with grease. These fans are usually part of the hood that is over your grill or stove and sometimes you may have extra fans installed due to a high volume of grease that your restaurant uses.

If your kitchen is using a higher volume of grease, you will need to get your exhaust fans cleaned more often and maintained to ensure they are running smoothly so they can do their job well.

Our partners Vent Hood Cleaners Atlanta, are proud to help serve local commercial kitchens and to keep your exhaust fans working and free of grease build up. With our special training, we know the right chemicals to use to clean your fans so there will be no corrosion and it will be food safe for your kitchen.

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